You may decide to have all or some of your treatment on a private basis. At Woodford Dental Care we will always offer you the options of private treatment when it is appropriate for you as part of our discussion about your dental care.

Every treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs, along with the costs of each item, which can be discussed with you at your consultation.

Emergency appointment: £55

Additional charges may apply if you have treatment or radiographs, your dentist will advise you if there are additional charges and ask how you wish to proceed. If you have had radiographs in the last 6 months please bring them with you to the appointment

Preventative Care

New Patient Examination

Routine Examination


OPG (large radiograph)

Hygienist Visit (30mins)

Hygienist visit (1hr)

Emergency visit


Fillings (prices vary based on size)




Porcelain Bonded



Emax crown


Veneers (per tooth)

Bridges (per unit)


Implant consultation

Per fully restored implant


Root Canal Treatment


Upper or Lower (full)

Upper and Lower (full)

Partial Acrylic (plastic)

Partial Chrome (metal)





Extraction on referral


Fissure Sealants


Home Whitening

Whitening consultation

Upper and Lower Arch

Top up gel (box of 3 syringes)

£50, exc. radiographs

£45, exc. radiographs

£9 each


£60(deposit £20)

£115(deposit £40)

£55 if no fillings or extractions are needed


From £100 – £195

From £100 – £195


From £750

From £650







From £295

From £750

From £1100

From £550

From £780

From £80


From £110

From £250

From £135






Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is usually for the whole arch (upper or lower, or both). The fee quoted covers consultation, construction of models, whitening trays and whitening gel. Some particularly severe cases may require alternative gels.. Additional gel can be supplied, under supervision, for later "top-up" treatment if necessary.

Non-vital bleaching is done inside the tooth, usually to a single discoloured tooth.


Extra Whitening Gels


Extra whitening gels can no longer be legally sold over the counter by a receptionist or nurse.
Should you wish to purchase top up gels please ask your dentist at your regular appointment and they will be able to assess and provide you with this.


Periodontal treatment

At your initial consultation a treatment plan will be created specifically for you with costs included. The below fees only act as a guide.

Periodontal Consultation 

£160 including radiographs

Periodontal surgery 

from £600 depending on complexity

Non-surgical debridement 

From £400 per hour

Periodontal reassessment visit  


Dental Implants and Oral Surgery Treatments


Discussion of Options and Initial Consultation (Surgical extractions/Wisdom teeth problems
or missing teeth solutions 30mins)


Extractions on referral

£250 – £350 Dependent on complexity

Wisdom Tooth Removal

£250 – £350 Dependent on complexity

Full Assessment, Records and Treatment Plan for Implants (including 2D radiographs, study

models, radiographic stent and written report after CBCT scan)


Single Implant Placement

From £1250

Bone grafting

£250 – £500 Dependent on need

Single Implant Abutment and Crown Restoration

£1000 – £1500 Dependent on need

Orthodontics Treatments 


Adult consultation £80

Under 18 consultation Free

Fixed metal appliance (ceramic)

Single arch £2600

Both arches from £3500

plus £600 for ceramic


One Arch £2700

Lite £3400

Full £4400

Essix retainer £150 per arch

Hawley retainer £150 per arch

Bonded retainer £60 per tooth