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For the convenience of our patients we stock a range of specialist and every day items. Please speak to reception if you would like to make a purchase.

Disclosing Tablets pack of 20 £2.50

Tablets containing vegetable dye which sticks to plaque to hi-light areas missed whilst brushing

Floss £2.20

Floss Picks pack of 30 £5.85

Super Floss £3.30

For cleaning braces, bridges and large gaps between teeth


CB12 Mouthwash 250ml £6

CB12 Mouthwash 1litre £18

CB12 Chewing Gum 10 pack £3

CB12 is clinically proven to neutralise and prevent the formation of the substances that cause bad breath (VSCs). The active ingredients (zinc and chlorhexidine) eliminate VSCs from exhaled air. The chlorhexidine adheres to the gums, tongue and teeth, thereby providing a 12 hour effect on the VSCs that cause bad breath.

Curasept Gel 30ml £4.10

Curasept Mouthwash 200ml £5.50

Denture Bath £2.50

Fluorigard Fluoride Mouthwash 400ml £5.90


MI Paste+ all flavours £15.30

MI Paste+ is a toothpaste-like substance which is used to treat dental conditions such as sensitivity and demineralisation. It counteracts the effect of dental erosion and tooth wear, and is available in 5 different flavours: Melon, Mint, Strawberry, Tutti Frutti and Vanilla

Retainer Brite £7.50

Retainer/Denture Case £1.75


Retardex Mouthwash £9

Retardex Toothpaste £7.20

TePe Brushes 8 pack £3.50

Interdental brushes for cleaning in between teeth. The colour corresponds to the size of the gaps between your teeth. Your hygienist can help you find the correct size for you.

TePe Angle Brushes 8 pack £4

TePe brushes with a longer handle and with the brush at a 90degree angle to the handle for harder to reach areas

Toothbrush (sensodyne search 3.5) £1.90

Interspace Brush £2.20


Toothbrush Timers £2

A sand timer available in a variety of colours lasting for 2 minutes to indicate how long to brush teeth for

Tooth Mousse 40g £12.50

Whitening Gel (Must be prescribed by a Dentist) £80