"Booking an appointment was hassle free. The reception given was very warm and the service even better." July 2019

Husband and wife team Len and Anne have been running Woodford Dental Care since 1993 and have built it from a two surgery practice to seven surgeries today.  Dentistry has changed a lot in that time and we have always been committed to delivering high quality dentistry in a modern environment. We are lucky to have an amazing and experienced team of motivated professionals around us who have the same philosophy as we do. Our team work hard to ensure we maintain a consistently high level of care and service. We also see our patients as part of that team working together to achieve their best oral health.   

We are very committed to making sure our patients feel they belong by encouraging regular feedback on our services.



Going to the dentist can sometimes be challenging. Our belief is if those looking after you have a strong positive energy when meeting you it will make the experience all the more pleasant. 



We always try to act in a proactive way in terms of your treatment. Our treatment philosophy involves encouraging everyone to have regular check-ups rather than waiting for a tooth to break and then attend. In our experience this approach delivers the best quality of care.



Having respect for each other is important to us. We also value being considerate in our interactions with each other and between our ourselves and our patients. Being kind and helpful is a basic necessity in any healthcare environment.

"I was impressed with the quality of the dentistry. The dentist seemed to be very meticulous to explain everything in detail." April 2019

What Our Patients Say

We undertook a patient survey in November 2019.
Here's what our patients said about our staff:


"Very welcoming"

"Excellent hygiene"

"Very personable and non-judgemental"

"Thorough & informative"

"Coming here for over 20 years and always had excellent care"

"Informative and kind. Definitely recommend"

"Friendly, clear, offered advice on things nobody has ever flagged with me before" November 2019