Our team of Dentists are supported by our dedicated and friendly nursing staff. All of our Dental Nurses are highly trained and continue to refresh their skills by attending regular training after they complete their Dental Nursing qualification.

Magda and Natasha have undertaken further training to provide sessions for children, giving oral health care advice and applying fluoride varnish. Andrea is our Infection Control Lead for the practice.

Natasha Hearse

Head Nurse

GDC Number 240183

Sheila Hill

GDC Number 269263

Veronica Ferraioli

GDC Number 272463

Neelam Amin

GDC Number 288089

Magdalena Mushtaq

GDC Number 250243

Chibunda Fairlamb

In training

Aaliyah Alli

GDC Number 294931

Monika Waszkiewicz

GDC Number 291451

Andrea Pisci

GDC Number 275880

Aleksandra Pindych 

GDC Number 289164

Bisma Ayub

GDC Number 295289

Asmaa Hamza

In training

Charlie Ann Coppen

GDC Number 292836

Farhin Rahman

GDC Number 295492

Ginka Georgieva

In training

Simran Kaur Bharji

In training

Karolina Kalisz

In training