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Braces can help you improve your confidence in your smile as well as improve your gum health by making it easier to clean your teeth As part of you or your child’s check-up, our dentists will assess whether you might benefit from braces.


Our specialist orthodontist, Dr Arun Madahar, provides a wide range of braces, including ‘train tracks’ also known as fixed appliance braces, removable braces and invisible braces, known as Invisalign. Your dentist will discuss your needs as part of your check-up and will be able to show you what your teeth would look like after orthodontic treatment using a simple scan.


Alternatively, you can see what your teeth would look like after treatment with Invisalign by following this link:

Orthodontics Fees

Adult consultation £70

Under 18 consultation Free

Fixed metal appliance (ceramic)

Single arch £2000

Both arches £3000 (plus £500 for ceramic)


One Arch £2500

Lite £3200

Full £4000

Essix retainer £100 per arch

Hawley retainer £100 per arch

Bonded retainer £150 per arch

Bonded retainer repair £40 per tooth

Orthodontic sports guard (lab made) £125

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