Oral Surgery and Implants

If the removal of a tooth requires more expertise, our dentists will refer you to Dr Bhavin Patel, for oral surgery. This may include the removal of wisdom teeth. We also have colleagues we can refer you to for sedation for these procedures if necessary.

Dr Patel also offers an implant service. An implant is a titanium screw that is placed within the bone to anchor missing teeth. Both your dentist and Dr Patel will discuss your treatment plan with you in detail.



Discussion of Options and Initial Consultation (Surgical extractions / Wisdom teeth problems
or missing teeth solutions 30mins)


Extractions on referral

£160 – £260 Dependent on complexity

Wisdom Tooth Removal

£190 – £260 Dependent on complexity

Full Assessment, Records and Treatment Plan for Implants (including 2D radiographs, study models, radiographic stent and written report after CBCT scan)


Single Implant Placement

From £1250

Bone grafting

£250 – £500 Dependent on need

Single Implant Abutment and Crown Restoration

£1000 – £1500 Dependent on need


Advice Sheets

Dental Implants

Post Implant Advice