General Dentistry


When you register at Woodford Dental Care we will book you in to have a general check-up. At this appointment your dentist will assess the health of your teeth and gums. It is also an opportunity to discuss your dental history, diet and any concerns you have about your teeth or attending appointments. You can also discuss any cosmetic procedures you might be interested in. Your dentist may also recommend an hygienist appointment if required.


Fillings and root fillings treat cavities that have opened up in a tooth. We offer both white and amalgam (silver) fillings to seal up the tooth. Your dentist will discuss your options for fillings at your check-up.

If the cavity is really deep, the nerve may die in the tooth and you may need a root filling, which your dentist will discuss with you at your check-up. Root fillings are sometimes referred to as ‘root canal’ treatment.


At Woodford Dental we will do our utmost to preserve your natural teeth and keep them in good health. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove a tooth when it is past repair. Our dentists are able to remove teeth on a routine basis. If an extraction requires more complex treatment, we are able to refer you to one of our dentists, Dr Bhavin Patel [link to implants and oral surgery].


Our dental team will give you advice about how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This may include dietary and toothbrushing advice as well as information on the impact of smoking and alcohol consumption on your teeth and gums. At reception, we hold a range of toothbrushes and cleaning aids.


Lifestyle and Dietary Advice

Alcohol and oral health

Brushing Chart

Diet sheet

Disclosing tablets

Hidden sugars in food and drink

Smoking and Oral Health