Our team of caring Dentists are committed to providing you with the highest quality minimally invasive dentistry. They regularly enhance their knowledge through attending postgraduate courses in a wide variety of clinical areas and have a strong dedication to evidence based dentistry.

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Dr Anne Grew

GDC Number 65072

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Dr Sanjeet Hanspal

GDC Number 177301

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Dr Bhavin Patel

GDC Number 103778

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Dr Alex Wood

GDC Number 277852

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Dr Len D'Cruz

GDC Number 64992

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Dr Salisha Amin

GDC Number 270975

Dr Sapna Sindha

GDC Number 258875


Dr Jason Lim

GDC Number 211356

Dr Roy Woodhoo

GDC Number 114258


Dr Arun Madahar


GDC number 68405